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Kalista is working with the world's technology leaders to answers tomorrow's IT challenges. We've teamed up with experts in AI/ML, security, cloud, mobile, networking, compute and storage to provide the most comprehensive IT strategies and solutions for our customers. We are proud to work with the following companies.

Seagate is a world leader in data storage and management solutions.

Working together, Kalista and Seagate provide solutions to address the challenges of IO density, capacity and total cost of ownership.

Tuneself is a music streaming service for independent record labels and artists from all over the world.

Kalista and Tuneself are collaborating to enable, simplify and optimize the use of multi-cloud storage solutions.

Western Digital is a leading developer, manufacturer, and provider of data storage devices and solutions.

Read how Kalista and Western Digital are working together to enable distributed storage systems with Host Managed SMR devices: Joint Solution Brief

YX Technologies is an EDA company with software to analyze and abstract complex VLSI circuits.

Kalista and YX Technologies are partnering on the application of transparent cloud-to-edge storage solutions to circuit analysis.

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Kalista is committed to the success of our partners. We support and invest in our shared excellence. We believe the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Let's work together to accelerate innovation, expand markets and increase profits. We look forward to growing with you.

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