Creating a new kind of storage system meant inventing an entirely new architecture. To achieve the best performance and the lowest TCO, we needed to reinvent the storage system. The result is a revolutionary row & column architecture that prevents hot writes, minimizes IO contention and scales performance with capacity.

A foundation for data. On the most advanced storage platform.

Making IO fast and efficient. Phalanx's request management layer intelligently prioritizes incoming requests, enabling clients to achieve high throughput and low latency IO. A separate metadata store increases the scalability, efficiency and robustness of the system.

Fast. Cool. Capable. With device-aware and log structured data layout, Phalanx minimizes IO contention and evenly distributes write workload across capacity preventing hot write areas.

Not just a storage system.
A better storage system.

Maximum velocity at maximum capacity. Phalanx is designed and engineered to go all out, all the time.

Having your cake and eating it too. Phalanx is designed to scale performance with capacity. With an unique row & column architecture, adding a device increases both performance and storage capacity of the system.

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