We are building intelligent compute and storage systems
designed and optimized for software-defined environments
and next generation storage devices.

Reinventing the storage system

Storage systems and devices are on divergent paths.

To keep up with the explosive growth of digital data, storage devices are becoming progressively more complex, difficult and costly to use.

Meanwhile, demand for agility and lower cost is forcing IT infrastructures to operate with higher tenancy, contention and commoditization. Resulting in environments and usage models that are increasingly incompatible and adverse for next generation storage technologies.

Simple put, current storage systems are just not compatible with nor optimized for future storage devices.

Break free from legacy to a future that is infinitely scalable and just works.
Join us for the data storage revolution!

It's show time at SNIA developer conference.

Kalista Phalanx Storage System is designed for simplicity and usability. Engineered to enable devices to perform at their best and built to remove barriers to next generation technologies — Phalanx is redefining what is possible in storage.

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